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"As a singer songwriter, I write songs that I as an adult would enjoy listening to. I enjoy making each recording rich and sophisticated and as diverse as possible, using genres that include rock, cajun, jazz, swing gospel folk etc. I then find amazingly talented musicians that make it all come alive. Being a career Montessori teacher, I wrote most of the songs for my class. I needed good songs for units we were studying and for occasions throughout the year such as Thanksgiving, Peace Day, Valentines day... I decided to just write them myself and after seeing how popular they are with my kids and actually the whole school, I decided to record them. I hope teachers will love using these singable songs in their classrooms as much as I do. Although children in Montessori Schools will particularly enjoy many of the songs, they really are appropriate for all children and enjoyable for adults as well." Burchie Green

"Burchie makes uplifting, wonderful, and original music that is enjoyable for both kids and adults (which is rare). She's not only a favorite bestseller in our store but also our daughter's first choice. We highly recommend her music, we know you'll love it, as we do"...read more reviews ››