About Burchie Green

Burchie Green has been playing guitar and writing songs since she was a child. Initially a folk singer who performed for adults in clubs, restaurants, coffee houses, she started writing children's songs when she became a Montessori teacher some 20 years ago. She wrote many of her songs to go with various units in her class, including songs about bees, planets and seeds. In 1993 she recorded her first album I Love Seeds and began performing more concerts for children.

In 1997, Burchie teamed up with another Montessori teacher and songwriter Matt Levin to put out a CD called Taking My Dog to Dinner. That recording became a hit with students, teachers and parents everywhere and is especially popular in Montessori schools worldwide. The richly accompanied songs, from the bluesy “Walkin’ on The Line,” the jazzy “Get My Continental Drift,”  to the gospel “One Pink Tower,” cover each area of the Montessori classroom.

Burchie has recently begun performing with singer/songwriter and puppeteer Tom Knight. Together they recorded Cool Cat Café, her newest CD which was just released in March 2012. It’s an upbeat collection of diverse originals richly played by world class musicians. These songs celebrate life. From the cajun "Amphibian Song" and the jazzy "Cool Cat Cafe," to the sweet and soulful "Someone Whose Love is Forever," you'll want to hear them again and again.  Other popular favorites include "Ever Thankful” (a Thanksgiving song)  and "I Love You” (a must have for Valentines Day). The CD also includes a collection of songs about the animal kingdoms, including insects, reptiles and birds, which is a great resource for teachers, but mostly, just plain fun.

Burchie lives with her partner well known percussionist, Tony Vacca and her daughter Siomara in Western Mass. She is available for duet and trio performances with Tom Knight and Tony Vacca.