Review of "Cool Cat Café"


"Two cats are swing dancing on a café table on the cover of Burchie Green’s newest CD. Get ready to be like those felines feelin’ fine when you listen to this fantastic album. As a fellow Montessori teacher, I have used her previous recordings in my classroom and loved them. As soon as I listened to ‘Cool Cat Café, I bought one for each of the teachers at my Montessori school. The songs are perfect for teaching about science, peace, love, geography and rhythm. What a gift!

To start off, banjo and ragtime piano accompany us, as we go “STROLLING DOWN THE ISTHMUS.” My class LOVES this first song. We learned all the land and water forms quickly because for the first time they really made sense! We imagine being in those geographical places, as we dance and sing along to words like archipelago and isthmus.

“HOT BLODDED MAMMAL” has often played in my head long after I come home from work. The bluesy guitar, rhymes and puns make the science lesson about mammal characteristics really fun to learn. What I love about Burchie’s NEW CD is that the songs are right at the children’s level, but teach me and keep me entertained as well.

“RESPECT THE INSECTS” will remind you of Aretha Franklin’s classic tune, which truly has me laughing and making lots of hand jive gestures when I am listening to it.

“IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES” has a child’s world beautifully described, along with their sensations. A fabulous fiddle and piano help us feel the joy and wonder of being in the present moment with them.

A Cajun flavor is perfect for the song, “ME AN AMPHIBIAN.” In the classroom, whenever we get to the acapella part , we are all crooning along and listening for the bullfrog sound effect. You can’t help but learn what makes amphibians unique.

“COOL CAT CAFÉ” is an absolute delight. Burchie’s voice is so pleasant, pure and positive. I dare you not to laugh as you listen to these lyrics.

“FROG JAM” is musical genius. Tony Vacca’s African rhythms and real frog calls are a perfect match. He takes you straight to the swamp.

Songs about Reptiles and Birds and Seeds round out the science lessons and two songs about love teach us its true meaning. I have been singing “LET’S MAKE PEACE” and “EVER THANKFUL” for spiritual inspiration and leading my class in the “SNOW” chant as we keep hoping for it this winter!

Thank you, Burchie, for giving us these musical lessons. You are with me everyday in the car now, crooning your tunes and making me laugh. The best part of this CD though, is the terrific choice in musical instruments and musicians. Diversity in pace, style, and timing give listeners, young and old, a delicious treat!"

Kim Brosnan-Myers   January, 2013