"This cd is a lush and sophisticated recording. It does not pitch itself downward to children.� Her vocals are beautiful and inviting, the musicians are diverse and fantastic.� These songs are such a pleasure to listen to, capturing numerous styles and genre's.� By the time the Cool Cat Cafe song comes on, it won't just be your children that will be dancing and smiling from ear to ear." �Corey McLaughlin
"Burchie makes uplifting, wonderful, and original music that is enjoyable for both kids and adults (which is rare). She's not only a favorite bestseller in our store but also our daughter's first choice. We highly recommend her music, we know you'll love it, as we do" Beyond Words Bookshop, Northampton, MA
"My class loves this tape. It's a favorite at our listening center" Darlene Bowen, Montessori Teacher, Northampton, MA
"Smooth and breezy vocals and a happy, joyous flair make Burchie Green's songs about nature, and having fun, very special to young listeners - her variety of musical styles, catchy tunes and literate lyrics make her songs listenable for grown-ups even on the hundredth hearing. Both albums feature full studio-production and back-up musicians. Burchie is a popular New England children's entertainer"
"RJ just brought home "Taking My Dog To Dinner" and we're listening to it as I write this. We absolutely love it!!!! The music, the words, the artwork, Burchies fabulous voice... 4 thumbs up!!! Now, if I can ever stop singing "Get My Continental Drift", my family will be most grateful." Lauren Magoon, parent, Northampton MA.
"I just love her songs! The music makes me feel very happy." Alex Geshwind, 5 years old, Northampton, MA
"This is the most enjoyable children's music I have heard in ages. It makes long car trips fly. Say good-bye to those back seat arguements and listen to music the whole family can enjoy" Lianne Ryan, parent, Plainfield, MA.
"[Burchie's] songs are fun - kitties meow when they should, yawns are yawned before sleeping, mud pies are good things - and the world make a lot of sense as Ms. Green sings it" Greenfield [MA] Recorder
"Two cats are swing dancing on a caf� table on the cover of Burchie Green�s newest CD. Get ready to be like those felines feelin� fine when you listen to this fantastic album. As a fellow Montessori teacher, I have used her previous recordings in my classroom and loved them. As soon as I listened to �Cool Cat Caf�, I bought one for each of the teachers at my Montessori school. The songs are perfect for teaching about science, peace, love, geography and rhythm. What a gift! "...Read More››